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Free 100-Watt Solar System Plans (For Campervans)

Diagram of a 100 Watt Solar Power System

Click here to download the diagram in higher resolution.

This Minimalist Solar System is large enough for those who only need to power a couple small devices like laptops, cellphones, cameras, and LED lights.

If you plan to do a lot of Boondocking, which is remote camping without shore power, then I recommend building a larger system. Check out our 400 Watt Solar Plans.

Components List

Main Components

Solar Array

Battery Bank

Everything else

For everything else needed to complete your project, please visit our Installation Components Page. There you’ll find all of the fuses, breakers, busbars, wires and tools you’ll need for this project.

Installation Guide

For detailed instructions on how to build and install a solar system, please read our Solar System Installation Guide.

Component Information

Power Inverter

A power Inverter converts DC electricy (from your batteries) into AC electricty. AC electricity is used to power typical household appliances. If you don’t plan to use household appliances, then you won’t need to install a power inverter.

This design does not have a built in power inverter, but if you need to power A/C devices you can easily add one in the future. These Plug in Power Inverters uses a standard 12 volt cigarette socket:

DC-DC Charger

A DC-DC charger is not necessary, if is nice to have and sometimes it’ll save the day when there’s not enough sunlight. A DC-DC Charger let’s you generate power on demand, whenever you’re engine is running. If you’re planning to do winter vanlife, or you want a backup charging method, do yourself a favor and install a DC-DC Charger.

Solar Charge Controller

A solar charge controller regulates the voltage and current from solar panels to charge batteries without overcharging them. Since batteries have very specific voltage/current requirements, and solar panel voltage/current varies based on weather conditions and panel configurations, a charge controller is a necassary piece of equipment.

For this solar system, we recommend installing the Victron 75|10 MPPT Solar Charge Controller.

Solar Panels

If you plan to mount your solar panel on the roof, you can use either a 100 Watt Glass Panel or a 100 Watt Flexible Panel for this system. I recommend going with the glass panel because they tend to have much longer lifespans, but if you need improved aerodynamics then it’s fine to go with a flexible panel. Read our Guide To Campervan Solar Panels if you need more help deciding which panel is right for you.

If you’re planning to use an unmounted, folding solar panel, then I recommend using this 100 Watt Folding Panel.

Other Useful Resources

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