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Cooking with Induction and Gas: Vanlife

Induktionsherd und Gaskocher im Van

Summary: We have an induction- and a gas cooktop in the van. On sunny days and when the batteries are full, we use induction and on other days gas.

What are the options for cooking in a van?

When it comes to cooking in the van, you have these options: Gas-, electric-, or induction cooktop.

We live in the van full time and installed a 400-watt solar system on the roof to produce electricity. Since the sun does not shine constantly, we have more or less energy available. Are you interested in solar systems? At Solar4Camper.com, we provide free wiring diagrams and more for various solar system needs.

When the batteries are fully charged and the weather forecast for the coming days is good, we use our induction cooktop for cooking. But if we already have little energy available or it is cloudy, we use our gas cooktop.

Induktionsherd mit Topf im Van
Pfanne auf Gasherd im Van

Flexibility through induction- and gas cooktop

By having an induction- and a gas cooktop at all times, we are flexible.
Having only one induction cooktop in the van just makes sense if you are really only traveling in sunny areas or have enough energy available all the time. The amazing fact about induction cooking is, that it is free energy.

Many, on the other hand, use only a gas cooktop. This way you can always cook – even if you don’t have much electricity. The disadvantage, however, is that you must always have propane gas on hand and that there is a certain danger associated with using gas. Especially when you’re cooking in such a small space, like in a van. Still, a gas stove is small and can be easily stowed away as a “backup”. Small gas bottles are enough – it doesn’t have to be a big gas bottle with a constant setup.

Why not use an electric cooktop in the van?

We were not convinced by an electric cooktop because it requires a lot of energy. Compared to an induction cooktop, the power consumption of an electric cooktop is about 30 percent higher. Another advantage of induction is that it doesn’t get very hot during cooking and can be stored away right away.

We have been happy with these products for 2 years:

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